Bethan is the Simon Fellow at the School of Law, University of Manchester. She holds a PhD in Criminology from Keele University and completed her MA (distinction) and BA (first class) degrees at the Centre for Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice, Bangor University. Her main research interests are: policing cultures; covert policing and surveillance; the operation and governance of private security; and border enforcement. Bethan is the author of Police Culture in a Changing World (OUP) and has published in journals such as the British Journal of Criminology and Criminology and Criminal Justice. Bethan is currently co-authoring a series of articles on a pioneering field study of covert policing in the UK. As part of her Simon Fellowship, she is also exploring the policing of borders using theories of nodal governance and transnational policing. She has recently published an article in Policing and Society appealing for policing scholars to conduct a series of ethnographies which scrutinise the culture and practices of state and non-state border police on the ground. 

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