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Bachelor of Economics (First Class Honours) University of Melbourne
D.Phil, Oxford University

Dr Christopher Decker is an economist who specialises in Law and Economics and economic regulation. His core research interests include: regulation (broadly defined to cover the utilities, professional services, financial regulation and environmental regulation); industrial organization; law and economics, behavioural economics, institutional economics and competition law. He is also interested in the law and economics of development.

Chris has published research studies and reports in relation to a range of regulated activities (energy, water, communications, transport, professional services). These studies have been submitted to, or published by: the OECD; the European Commission; the European Central Bank, and regulatory and government agencies in Australia, Argentina, Hong Kong, Japan, Lithuania, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. He has also been involved in number of competition law proceedings and regulatory proceedings including before the General Court of the European Union and the World Bank International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes.


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  • C Decker and R Albon, Better Economic Regulation of Infrastructure: International Insights ( 2015)
  • C Decker, Goals Based and Rules Based Approaches to Regulation ( 2015)
  • C Decker, Regulatory implications of new products and services in electricity markets ( 2015)
  • C Decker, 'An English experiment: the regulation of the legal profession in England and Wales' (2014) 10 Cadernos Fundação Getúlio Vargas Direito Rio (special edition on Contemporary Lawyering)
  • C Decker and C Hodges, Government-sponsored voluntary regulation ( 2014)
  • C Decker, Modern Economic Regulation: An Introduction to Theory and Practice (Cambridge University Press 2014)
  • C Decker, Regulating a network monopoly: principles of tariff setting and revenue recovery ( 2014)
  • C Decker and M Harding, 'Some Reflections on the Point of Regulating Not-for-Profits' in M Harding, A O’Connell and M Stewart (eds), Not-for-Profit Law: Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives (Cambridge University Press 2014)
  • C Decker, Strategy setting for payment systems ( 2014)
  • C Decker, 'Economics and Transnational Risk Regulation' in F Haines, B Lange and D Thomas (eds), Regulatory Transformations: Rethinking Economy– Society Interactions (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2013)
  • C Decker and H Gray, 'Public Utilities: Competition Litigation versus Regulatory Arbitration' (2013) 3 Global Competition Litigation Review 26
  • C Decker, 'The Consumer Knows Best: Involving Consumers in Regulatory Processes and Decision-making' (2013) 49 Network 1
  • P Chiambaretto and C Decker, 'Air-rail intermodal agreements: balancing the competition and environmental effects' (2012) 23 Journal of Air Transport Management 36
  • C Decker and G Yarrow, Assessing the economic significance of the professional legal services sector in the European Union ( 2012)
  • C Decker and G Yarrow, Institutional Economics and its relevance to Environmental Policy ( 2012)
  • C Decker and H Gray, 'Antitrust and Arbitration in Regulated Sectors' (2011) 7 Competition Law International 7
  • C Decker, Economic Approaches to the Counterfactual ( 2011)
  • C Decker and G Yarrow, Understanding The Economic Rationale For Legal Services Regulation ( 2011)
  • C Decker, Encouraging Innovation in Energy Networks ( 2010)
  • C Decker, 'The objectives of economic regulators: Old tensions and new challenges' (2010) 36 Network
  • C Decker, Assessments of Regulatory Governance ( 2009)
  • C Decker, Characteristics of Alternative Price Control Frameworks ( 2009)
  • C Decker, Economics and the Enforcement of European Competition Law (Edward Elgar 2009)
  • C Decker, International approaches to transmission access for renewable energy ( 2009)
  • C Decker, T Keyworth and G Yarrow, The impacts of regulation on productivity ( 2008)



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Regulation; Law and Economics; Utility regulation; Financial regulation; Environmental regulation Industrial organisation; Behavioural economics

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