Position Description

Room 104

Supports development, alumni relations and careers support for incoming, current and former students of the MSc in Law and Finance, with overall responsibility for faculty events within the MLF subject group. 

Duties include:


  • organises MLF careers and alumni events
  • manages MLF research and teaching-related events, including conferences
  • services the MLF Advisory Board

Careers Support

  • provides careers advice and support to MLF students, including advice on the job market for experienced hire entry
  • promotes existing careers provision within the University, and co-ordinates careers events communications with MLF students
  • disseminates information to, and facilitates relationships with, potential employers;

Alumni Relations

  • maintains links with MLF alumni and business partners
  • plans and supervises the organisation of MLF alumni events
  • supports DARS for all aspects of development, alumni and donor relations for the MLF

See also the Law Faculty's A-Z list of administration and services.


Research projects