Daniel Alati was born and raised in Toronto, and attended the University of Toronto from 2004 to 2009, receiving his Honours B.A. and Criminology during that time. Daniel then decided to attend Osgoode Hall Law School in order to further pursue the criminological and international law issues he had developed a passion for in his previous studies. His L.L.M. thesis, entitled 'Responding to Global Problems Locally: Understanding and Evaluating Canada's Domestic Response to Terrorism', analyzed Canada's response to terrorism in comparison to that of the international community in order to gain a better understanding of the process whereby states develop and implement domestic measures that are cognizant of both their international obligations and domestic realities. There are several research topics that Daniel has explored during his time at Oxford, including: comparative anti-terrorism policy; public international law and european human rights law; secret evidence and national security. Daniel is interested in a number of future career paths outside of an academic career, including doing research for or working in a variety of international agencies, such as Interpol or the United Nations. Outside of academics, Daniel has many other passions in life, including travel, volunteer work and fine dining. He has traveled large parts of Canada, Europe and the Caribbean and one day hopes to be able to say he has seen every continent in the world. In Canada, Daniel developed solid relationships working in a high-end restaurant for over six years and volunteering with a young man through a youth mentoring service. Although it was difficult to leave those relationships behind, Daniel has thoroughly enjoyed the new challenges and experiences that life in Oxford has, and will continue to, provide.


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  • Alati, Comparative Report on the Use of Secret Evidence for the Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR)                                                                                            (Oxford Pro Bono Publico 2011)

Research Interests

International Law; European Human Rights Law; Comparative anti-terrorism policy; Global Politics and Law; Secret evidence and closed material

Research projects