Eirik Bjorge, LLB (Oslo), MJur, DPhil, is the Shaw Foundation Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College. His first book is entitled The Evolutionary Interpretation of Treaties (OUP 2014), and won the Gold Medal of the King of Norway. His second book is entitled Domestic Application of the ECHR: Courts as Faithful Trustees (OUP 2015). He has also edited a volume: M Andenas & E Bjorge (eds), A Farewell to Fragmentation: Reassertion and Convergence in International Law (CUP 2015). Eirik has published peer reviewed articles on on the relationship between public law, human rights, and public international law, in e.g. the Law Quarterly Review, the Cambridge Law Journal, the British Yearbook of International Law, and the International Journal of Constitutional Law (I•CON).

He teaches constitutional law, administrative law, EU law, human rights law, and public international law at Oxford, and has taught human rights law and EU law at Sciences Po, Paris.

Eirik has been a pensionnaire étranger at École normale supérieure, a visiting fellow at Sciences Po and at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg. He has also been stagiaire (intern) at the Conseil d’État and the European Court of Human Rights. He is a member of the executive committee of Oxford Pro Bono Publico and an Associate of the Oxford Human Rights Hub. He has advised States, NGOs, and private entities on matters of public international law, human rights law, and constitutional law. He has acted as counsel and adviser, and provided expert opinions, in cases before the domestic courts, European Court of Human Rights, the International Court of Justice, and tribunals set up under the auspices of ICSID. He has also provided training on matters of international law, human rights law, and constitutional law to domestic judges and government officials.


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  • Bjorge, 'Been There, Done That: The Margin of Appreciation and International Law' (2015) 4 Cambridge Journal of International & Comparative Law 181–91
  • Bjorge, 'Fundamental Rights at English (and European?) Common Law' (2015) 131 Law Quarterly Review 192–96 [Case Note]
  • Bjorge, 'The Vienna Rules on Treaty Interpretation before Domestic Courts' (2015) 131 Law Quarterly Review 78–107
  • Bjorge and Mads Andenas, 'Ambrose: Is the Ullah Principle Wrong?' (2012) 128 Law Quarterly Review 319–23 [Case Note]
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  • Bjorge and Mads Andenas, 'Human Rights and Acts by Troops Abroad: Rights and Jurisdictional Issues' (2012) 18 European Public Law 473–92
  • Bjorge, 'The Kandyrine de Brito Paiva case' (2012) 106 American Journal of International Law 353–59 [Case Note]
  • Bjorge, 'Case Concerning Ahmadou Sadio Diallo' (2011) 105 American Journal of International Law 534–40 [Case Note]
  • Bjorge, 'Case Concerning the Dispute Regarding Navigational and Related Rights' (2011) 60 International & Comparative Law Quarterly 271–79 [Case Note]
  • Bjorge, 'Exceptionalism and Internationalism in the UK Supreme Court' [2011] Public Law 475–83
  • Bjorge, 'Torture and “Ticking Bomb” Scenarios' (2011) 127 Law Quarterly Review 196–99 [Case Note]
  • Bjorge, 'E Bjorge, Book Review of Treaty Interpretation in Investment Arbitration (2014) 15 Journal of World Investment & Trade 345-50 Book Review of Treaty Interpretation in Investment Arbitration ' (2000) Journal of World Investment & Trade 345 [Review]


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My research interests include public law, at domestic, European, and international level.

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Administrative Law, Human Rights Law, Public International Law, Criminal Justice, Security and Human Rights

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