Evgenia Iliadou

Research fellow, Department of Politics, University of Surrey


Evgenia has studied Sociology and Social Anthropology in Greece with a main focus on gender. She completed her PhD in Social Policy and Criminology at the Open University (UK) on the 2015 refugee crisis. Her research is a self-reflexive ethnographic research which explores the human consequences of the EU border regime upon refugees’ lives. It focuses on the historical development of the so-called refugee crisis and the continuum of the politics of closed borders and violence in time and space. Her research was carried out on the Greek Island of Lesvos and focused on refugees’ lived experiences of social suffering, border harms and violence. She is currently a Research fellow at the Department of Politics at the University of Surrey focusing on the right to international protection.

Evgenia has an extensive research and professional experience in the field of forced displacement and borders. Since the early 2000 she has worked as a social scientist for various International and Non Governmental Organisations in detention centres and refugee camps in the Greek mainland and Lesvos. She has also worked with unaccompanied refugee children, who were experiencing protracted periods of homelessness or detention - in degrading and structurally violent conditions - by providing them social support and escort services to accommodation centres around Greece. She has an extensive professional experience with survivors of torture, sexual violence and human trafficking. She has been actively involved in grassroots movements and activist networks supporting refugees on Lesvos. She is the co-founder of the Village of All together network (renamed to PIKPA Solidarity Lesvos) - a self-community space based on principles of solidarity, coexistence, self-organisation empowerment and active participation, which supports refugee population on Lesvos.

Research projects & programmes

Border Criminologies