Federico Varese is Professor of Criminology in the Department of Sociology. He is also the Director of the Extra-Legal Governance Institute, a Research Associate of the Centre of Criminology, and a Senior Research Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford.


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Journal Article (10)

F Varese, 'The Economics of the Camorra' (2006) Global Crime 268
Review Article
F Varese, 'Has Fascism returned to Italy?' (2005) 60 Italian Politics & Society 87
F Varese, 'La mafia russa in Italia' (2005) Limes. Rivista Italiana di Geopolitica 229
F Varese and M. Yaish, 'Resolute Heroes: the Rescue of Jews during the Nazi Occupation of Europe' (2005) 1.91736111111111 Archives Européenes de Sociologie 153
F Varese, 'Struktura mafioznykh gruppirovok’' (2004) 2 Panorama Issledovanij Politiki Prikam’ya 157 – 167
In Russian
F Varese and Smith, A., 'Payment, Protection and Punishment: the Role of Information and Reputation in the Mafia' (2001) 13 Rationality and Society 387
Although listed as a second author (for alphabetic reasons), I have contributed the main idea, empirical motivation and information, and the basic game structure.
ISBN: 1043-4631

Book (3)

F Varese, Mafias on the Move (Princeton University Press 2011)
F Varese, De Russische mafia (J.M. Meulenhoff 2004)
ISBN: 9029073829
F Varese, The Russian Mafia. Private Protection in a New Market Economy (OUP 2001)
ISBN: 019829736X

Review (3)

F Varese, 'Messages from the Mafia' (2005) London Review of Books 31 [Review]
F Varese, 'Great Mobility' (2004) Times Literary Supplement '6 [Review]
F Varese, 'There is no place like Home. How the mafia finds it difficult to expand from its geographical base' (2001) Times Literary Supplement '3 [Review]

Chapter (3)

F Varese, 'Varieties of Protectors' in A. Amin and N.J.Thrift (eds), The Blackwell Cultural Economy Reader (Blackwell Publishing. 2004)
ISBN: 0-631-23429-2
F Varese, 'Mafia Transplantation' in J. Kornai, B. Rothstein, and S. Rose-Ackerman (eds), Creating Social Trust: Problems of Post-Socialist Transition (Palgrave Macmillan 2004)
ISBN: 1403964491
F Varese, '‘Clientelism’, ‘Corruption’, ‘Mafia’, ‘Principal-Agent Problem’, ‘State Capture’' in I. McLean (ed), Oxford Dictionary of Politics, 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press 2003)
ISBN: 0-19-280276-3

Research Interests

Criminology, Organised crime, corruption, Soviet criminal history, and the dynamics of altruistic behaviour. He is currently working on the application of network analysis to criminal behaviour and a comparative study of Mafia groups.

Research projects