Mr Feng Wei, the founder and the executive chairman of Shanghai Xuanyu Capital, is a pioneer among investors in China. His interests in investing include, but are not limited to, financial technology, media and communication, international trade with shipping, tourism and real estate sectors.

Having graduated from Dalian Maritime University and East China University of Political Science and Law, Feng has a deep and thorough knowledge, as scholar and practitioner, of the theory and practice of Maritime Law.

Feng's firm foundation and training in law have enabled him to serve with distinction as a former President of the Department of Oversea Business in a Global 500 company.

As a member of the inaugural CEO Training Session held by China Film Group, Feng has mastered the art of investing in inter-cultural media products. He has served as producer and planner of large-scale entertainment TV shows, TV series, and films. He was also a member of the board of directors of a well-known new media company. This experience has given him insight into investment and management within the media industry.

For several years, Feng has worked to promote the culture of communication and mutual understanding between Chinese entrepreneurs and academics from British and American universities. He specialises in integrating knowledge and experience derived from both academic research and practical politics. With extensive experience in organising international forums and academic summits, Feng is well-placed to help in developing research and understanding of the complex legal issues arising from the One Belt One Road initiative. He is in an excellent position to aid in nurturing and consolidating collaboration between China and other countries.

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