Geneviève Helleringer is a fellow of the Institute of European and Comparative Law (IECL) at the Law Faculty and a fellow of St Catherine’s College.  She is an associate law professor at Essec Business School.

Her research focuses on contract, corporate and financial law and alternative dispute resolution, and draws on insights from economics, sociology and psychology. She has written, edited, or contributed to numerous books and articles. She is an executive editor of the Journal of Financial Regulation (Oxford University Press) and editorial board member of the Studies in European Economic Law and Regulation book series (Springer). Geneviève has been a regular visiting fellow at the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg. 

Geneviève holds a JD from Columbia University (1999), an MSc in legal sociology from Paris II Panthéon Assas University (2009), as well as an MSc and a doctorate in private law from the Sorbonne University (2010) (receiving three national prizes for her doctoral thesis, including the French Academy Grand Prize). She is admitted to the New York and the Paris Bars. She studied philosophy, mathematics, and literature, as an undergraduate, and economics and social sciences later at Essec Business School and Sciences-Po Paris, as well as experimental psychology at a graduate level at Oxford University. Before completing her doctoral work, she worked for Shiseido in Japan and practised corporate law at Willkie Farr & Gallagher and at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in New York and Paris (2000-2006). 



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  • P Ayton and G Helleringer, 'Arbitration and Psychology. Bias, Self-insight in Judgement and the Arbitrator’s Impartiality ' in T Cole (ed), The Roles of Psychology in International Arbitration (Kluwer 2017) (forthcoming)
  • G Helleringer, 'Behavioural Law and Economics in the Field of Retail Financial Law ' in H. Micklitz, K Purnhagen, A.-L. Sibony (ed), Handbook of Research in European Consumer Law (E Elgar publishing 2017)
  • G Helleringer and AL Sibony, 'Consumer Protection through the Behavioral Glass ' (2017) Columbia Journal of European Law (forthcoming)
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  • JS Berge and G Helleringer, Operating Law in a Global Context. Comparing, Combining and Prioritazing (E Elgar publishing 2017) (forthcoming)
  • G Helleringer, 'Transfer of Property in the New French Contract Law' in J Cartwright and S Whittaker (eds), The Code Napoléon Rewritten: French Contract Law after the 2016 Reforms (Hart 2017) (forthcoming)
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  • G Helleringer, 'Deciphering European Legal Culture: the Potential of Contract Clauses ' in , G. Helleringer, K. Purnhag (ed), Towards a European Legal Culture (Beck / Hart 2016)
  • G Helleringer, 'Designing Disclosures: Testing the Efficacy of Disclosure in Retail Investment Advice’' in K Mathis and A Tor (eds), Nudging - Possibilities, Limitations and Applications
in European Law and Economics (Springer 2016)
  • G Helleringer, 'EU Consumer Protection and Behavioural Sciences: Revolution or Reform? ' in A. Alemanno, A.-L. Sibony (ed), Nudging Europe (Hart 2016)
  • AL Sibony, G Helleringer and A Alemanno, 'L’analyse comportementale du droit. Manifeste pour un nouveau champ de recherche en Europe’' (2016) Revue Internationale de Droit Economique (RIDE) 315
  • G Castellano and G Helleringer, 'Shedding light on EU Financial Regulators : a Sociological and Psychological Perspective’' (2016) Hasting International and Comparative Law Review (forthcoming)
  • G Helleringer, 'Behavioural Law and Economics in the Context of Financial Markets Regulation. When Investor Behaviour Reveals the Ambiguity of the Disclosure Requirements of Investment Funds ' in K Mathis and A Tor (eds), Behavioural Law and Economics (Springer 2015)
  • M Gelter and G Helleringer, 'Do Not Lift the Corporate Veil. To Whom Directors Really Own Their Duties’' (2015) ILLINOIS LAW REVIEW 1069
  • G Helleringer and K Purnhagen, Towards a European Legal Culture (Modern European Law Series, Beck / Hart Publishing 2013)
  • G Helleringer, Les Clauses du Contrat: Essai de Typologie (LJDJ Lextenso editions 2012)
    This book won two prizes: the 2011 Revue des Contrats Prize in 2011, and the 2011 Grand Prize from the French Academy for a book demonstrating academic excellence. The 418 page monograph is based on an intensive study of over 120 standardised clauses. It required five years to complete and is the first monograph in any language to offer a general theory of contract clauses (common rules may be designed for certain groups of clauses). The functional criteria of classification are justified on theoretical, practical, and policy grounds. Each of the three parts addresses one type and could have the basis for a substantial article. Together they form an original effort to harmonise contract law.
    ISBN: 978-2-275-03845-2
  • G Helleringer, 'Medical Malpractice and Compensation in France' (2011) 86 Chicago-Kent Law Review 1125
    ISBN: 0009-3599


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Private Law (obligations, commercial contracts, banking law) Corporate and Financial Market Law Comparative Contract Law and European Legal Culture Law and Behavioural studies

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