Helene O. I. Gundhus is professor at the Norwegian Police University College, Research Department. She received her doctorate in Criminology from the University of Oslo (UiO). Helene is project member of Crime Control at the Borderlands of Europe, headed by Katja Franko, UiO. Recently she has conducted empirical research with Katja Franko on Frontex and police involved in transnational policing in Norway. She is currently doing a study on transnational policing in local contexts in Norway, addressing police stop, checks and identity control.  She is heading a project (2015-2019) entitled New Trends in Modern Policing, financed by the Norwegian Research Council. Recently she has published with Katja Franko on policing mobility, Frontex as humanitarian borderlands and cultural and accountability aspects of transnational policing. Her research interests include policing and globalization, police, technology and law, organized crime, interagency collaboration, and merging of crime prevention, intelligence and investigation within policing.

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