Jeffrey Hackney has been a member of the Faculty since 1964, first as Fellow and Tutor in Law at St Edmund Hall and then at Wadham College. His teaching and research interests were  in property law and legal history but he now restricts his legal interests to Roman law and in particular the way in which the Romans tackled problems which they shared in common with the early common lawyers and their present day successors.  He has been a visiting professor at a number of North American universities and  the Sorbonne and for fifteen years, in association with the National Judicial College, organised continuing education conferences in Oxford for visiting American judges. He spent a large part of the early 1990s in University adminstration, chairing amongst other things the Libraries Board, the General Board of the Faculties and the University's Disciplinary Court. He was previously a founder-director of the New Law Publishing Company which pioneered same-day reporting of judicial decisions in the superior courts in property and commercial law.  He teaches Roman law for three colleges.


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  • J Hackney, 'Submission on Draft Consultation on Public Benefit. Charity Commission' (2007) Law Commission papers
    A fundamental challenge to the Charity Commission's assumption that the Charities Act 2006 has allowed it to ignore the pre-existing law on public benefit.
  • J Hackney, 'Denials Ancient and Modern' in Andrew Burrows and Lord Rodger of Earlsferry (eds), Mapping the Law (Oxford University Press 2006)
    A study of the doctrine surrounding denial of title in modern English land and early modern personal property law with an account of the contrasting doctrine in Roman Law
    ISBN: 0-19-920655-4
  • J Hackney, 'Usucapio and the Law of Trusts' in (ed), Rationalizing Property, Equity and Trusts Essays in Honour of Edward Burn (LexisNexis UK 2003)
    A comparison of classical and common law ways of thinking and in particular their treatment of grants void for informality.
    ISBN: 0 406 96440 8
  • J Hackney, 'Usucapio and the Law of Trusts' in J Getzler (ed), Rationalizing Property, (Butterworths 2003)
    A study of classicism in law and the way in which the common law and roman law approached grants void for informality or want of title. It argues that we have misread the roman solution to this problem in a fundamental way. It also argues that institutional limitations were responsible for the differences between the underlying philosophies of roman law and the common law.
    ISBN: 0 406 96440 8
  • J Hackney, 'Snell's Equity' (2001) 117 Law Quarterly Review [Review]
    A contribution to the debate about the future of Equity hung on the back of a review of a book review. Much reviled in Australia
    ISBN: 0023-933X

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