Karl Laird, BCL (Oxon) LLB (Lond) is currently Fixed-term Fellow and Tutor in Law at St Hilda's College, Oxford and is also a stipendiary lecturer at St Edmund Hall and Mansfield College. His research interests are in criminal law and the law of evidence, in addition to public law and equality law.


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  • Karl Laird, 'Director of Public Prosecutions v Forsey; Krishan Chander v State of Delhi ' (2017) Lloyd's Law Reports: Financial Crime 174 [Case Note]
  • Karl Laird, 'Piercing the Corporate Veil in Confiscation Proceedings ' (2017) Law Quarterly Review 217 [Case Note]
  • Karl Laird, 'The Criminal Finances Act 2017 – an introduction' (2017) Criminal Law Review 902
  • Karl Laird, 'A v Director of Public Prosecutions ' (2016) Lloyd's Law Reports Financial Crime 567 [Case Note]
  • Karl Laird, 'Criminalising contagion - Questioning the paradigm' in H Quirk and C Stanton (eds), Criminalising Contagion: Legal and Ethical Challenges of Disease Transmission and the Criminal Law (2016)
  • Karl Laird, 'Evaluating the Relationship Between Section 45 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the Defence of Duress: An Opportunity Missed?' (2016) Crim LR 395
  • Karl Laird, 'Filling a lacuna: the care worker and care provider offences in the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 ' (2016) Statute Law Review 1
  • Karl Laird and Professor David Ormerod QC, 'Jogee: Not the End of a Legal Saga but the Start of One?' (2016) Crim LR 539
  • Karl Laird, 'R v Harvey' (2016) Lloyd's Law Reports: Financial Crime 41 [Case Note]
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  • Karl Laird, 'R v Taylor' (2016) Crim LR 367 [Case Note]
  • Karl Laird, 'Seton v United Kingdom' (2016) Crim LR 653 [Case Note]
  • Karl Laird, 'The Decline of Criminal Law Causation Without Limits ' (2016) LQR 566 [Case Note]
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  • Professor David Ormerod QC and Karl Laird, Smith and Hogan’'s Criminal Law (14th edn 2015)
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  • Karl Laird, 'United States v Sidorenko' (2015) Lloyd's Law Reports: Financial Crime 552 [Case Note]
  • Karl Laird, 'Confronting religion: veiled witnesses, the right to a fair trial and the Supreme Court of Canada’'s judgment in R v N.S' (2014) 77(1) MLR 123
  • Karl Laird, 'R v Golding ' (2014) Crim LR 686 [Case Note]
  • Karl Laird, 'Rapist or rogue? Deception, Consent and the Sexual Offences Act 2003' (2014) Crim LR 491
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  • Karl Laird, 'Conceptualising the interpretation of ‘dwelling’ in section 9 of the Theft Act 1968' (2013) Crim LR 656


Research Interests

Criminal law and the law of evidence. Public and equality law.

Options taught

Criminal Law (Mods)

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