Marija is completing a doctoral thesis at the Law Faculty, University of Oxford, on the role of human rights law in addressing human trafficking. She completed an M.Phil in Law with Distinction at Wolfson College, Oxford (2012) and Magister Juris at Linacre college, Oxford (2011), supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Chevening Scholarship and Open Society Foundation. In the course of her DPhil, she conducted study visits to the Council of Europe, Group of Experts against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) in Strasbourg and the Faculty of Law, Humboldt University in Berlin.

Marija has extensive teaching experience in the areas of Human Rights Law (Graduate Teaching Assistant for Human Rights Law at the Faculty of Law, Oxford), Criminal Law (Teaching Assistant at the universities of Kragujevac and Belgrade, in Serbia), and International Law (The Oxford Tradition Programme and The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Students).

She works as an expert consultant for the AIRE Centre, a London based NGO with the mission to promote human rights in Europe. She also worked as a Legal Advisor for the CIDA- funded Balkan Judicial Reform Programme (JRP) in support of the Judicial Sector advancement in Serbia and Bosnia and was engaged on the National Legislative Development Project Project in Hanoi, which assists the Vietnamese Government in building capacity to address the issues of quality and consistency in the law-making process for the purpose of fostering equitable economic growth.


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  • Jovanovic, 'Book Review, The Global Reach of European Refugee Law, H Lambert, J McAdam, M Fullerton (eds) (CUP 2013) ' (2015) International Journal of Refugee Law [Review] (forthcoming)
  • Jovanovic, 'Book Review, EU Immigration and Asylum Law (Text and Commentary), S Peers, E Guild and J Tomkin (eds) (2nd ed Brill 2012)' (2013) International Journal of Refugee Law [Review]


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Human Rights Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, International Law, Constitutional Law

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Human Rights Law, Criminal Justice, Security and Human Rights

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