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Marion is a D.Phil candidate in criminology at the Centre for Criminology, Oxford. In 2014, she was a Visiting Scholar at the Center For The Study of Law and Society, University California-Berkeley under Professor Jonathan Simon's supervision, and is currently registered under the Visiting Postgraduate Research programme at The University of Edinburgh under Dr Richard Jones' mentorship.

Supervised by Professors Mary Bosworth and Carolyn Hoyle, Marion is examining the ties between life without the possibility of parole and death penalty abolitionism. She is most grateful for the financial assistance from the Paris bar association, the Rotary Club, a French Educational Trust Fund, the Oxford Faculty of Law and Green Templeton College.

Marion holds a joint LL.B from King's College, London and Paris I, La Sorbonne, an LL.M from Georgetown University Law Center, and an M.Sc from the University of Oxford.

Prior to starting her D.Phil, Marion passed the New York and Paris bars and worked at Linklaters LLP and White & Case LLP on various areas of international law. She then joined a defence team before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (located in Tanzania). Upon her return to France, Marion was appointed advisory judge (juge assesseur) by the UNHCR before the French Asylums appeals court (Cour Nationale de Droit d'Asile). 

Position Description

D.Phil candidate in Criminology.
Since January 2014, Marion has been the editorial assistant for Theoretical Criminology.


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Research Interests

Punishment and Society; Border Criminologies; International Criminal Law



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