Nisha Shah

Researcher in Social Science


Nisha is a mixed-methods Researcher in Social Science in the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit at the University of Oxford.

She was until recently (Jan 2024) employed at the Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX). She was the lead Co-Investigator for the ESRC funded project "Ensuring the benefits of Artificial Intelligence for All" aka AIDE project. In collaboration with researchers at Osaka University, this project aimed to understand the perceived impact of AI in healthcare for stakeholders including patients, public, and healthcare professionals through ethical and socio-technical perspectives, and explore effective strategies to support a platform for stakeholder engagement and involvement in the development and implementation of AI initiatives in healthcare.

Nisha also worked on a collaboration with Nordic partners (Norway, Sweden and Iceland) on the Nordforsk funded project ‘Governance of Health Data in Cyberspace’. This aims to understand public and expert views about how data should be shared for secondary purposes and what implications this has for stakeholders with reference to new ways of capturing and using data. This work will identify the most appropriate mechanisms that should be applied to govern the sharing of data across different contexts.  

Nisha has previously worked on the IMI (Innovative Medicines Initiative) funded project ‘European DIRECT (Diabetes Research on Patient Stratification)’, which investigated personalised medicine for Type II diabetes patients. She explored DIRECT’s research participants’ motivations and preferences for sharing their biomedical and genomic data beyond the end of the project.

She also led the Wellcome Trust funded project ‘Public Engagement for Biobanking Research’ (aka Waiting Room Project). This project investigated the opportunity to utilise time spent in clinic waiting rooms to engage public perceptions, through the use of digital technologies. It also explored views about key ethical issues about donating bio-samples and data for medical research.

Prior to coming to HeLEX, Nisha's research focussed on areas in Health psychology, patient safety, digital health technologies in secondary care, implementation science, and prevention of hospital acquired infections.

Her updated publications list can be found here: