Regina Kiener

Research Visitor, Summer & Michaelmas Term 2018


Regina Kiener is Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Zurich Faculty of Law. She has also held positions as a professor at the University of Bern and as a visiting professor at the Hebrew University, and taught, inter alia, at the Swiss Centre of Competence for Public Management, the Judges Academy, and the Police Institute. Professor Kiener’s focus is on constitutional rights, human rights, the judiciary, and procedural law. Her scholarly work has been complemented by service as consultant to a number of governmental and nongovernmental organizations, including the Swiss Departments of Justice and of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Parliament, Transparency International Switzerland, OSCE / Max Planck Minerva Research Group, the Council of Europe, or USAID. As from 2013, Regina has been a member of the Council of Europe’s Commission for Democracy through Law (“Venice Commission) where she served, inter alia, as rapporteur for opinions on France, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. Regina is a member of the admissions committee for the corps diplomatique within the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, and a judge at the Aargau Court of Judicial Supervision and Administration. Regina Kiener has served on the boards of several NGOs working in the fields of human rights and public health, inter alia, the Human Rights Centre at the University of Zurich, the Swiss chapter of the International Commission of Jurists or the Bern Information Centre for Undocumented Migrants. While in residence at the Bonavero Institute, Regina will work on an extended article on standards for the state’s duty to respect, protect and fulfil the individual’s right to access to justice. Regina Kiener has also been appointed as Visiting Fellow of Mansfield College during her visit to Oxford.