Richard is a DPhil student at the the Law Faculty's Centre for Criminology, generously funded by the ESRC. His research asks how human rights law is presented, understood and delivered in Northern Irish policing, based on extensive fieldwork with the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Criminal justice and connected legal issues are an area which Richard had been interested throughout his studies, having spent valuable time over summers with the Committee on the Administration of Justice (Belfast), as well as the Northern Irish Departmental Solicitor’s Office, the Department of Justice and Legal Services for the Stormont Assembly.

During his DPhil, Richard has published on criminal law, law of evidence and policing and been involved as a researcher and co-writer on projects investigating the ways in which mounted police work is experienced in the UK, funded by the ESRC, and public confidence in the police, funded by the Northern Ireland Policing Board.

Richard is Managing Editor of the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog, which aims to promote dialogue between human rights researchers, practitioners and policy-makers from around the world.

Before commencing his DPhil, Richard graduated with first class honours in Law from the University of Bristol and was awarded the Oxford University Press Prize. He arrived at the Centre for Criminology in 2012 to study for the MSc. in Criminology and Criminal Justice, receiving the Roger Hood Prize for coming first in the year. Most recently, he has been a Visiting Fellow at the Law Faculty, University of New South Wales.

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  • R Martin, 'The Recent Supergrass Controversy: Have We Learnt From the Troubled Past?' (2013) The Criminal Law Review 4 p273-289



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Policing; Human Rights Law and Practice; Legitimacy; Northern Ireland; Public Law; Law of Evidence

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