Sarah Chan

University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Dr Sarah Chan is a Chancellor’s Fellow and Reader in Bioethics at the Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh; she is Director of the Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Sciences and Law, and a Co-Principal Investigator of the Centre for Biomedicine, Self and Society. Previously, from 2005 to 2015, she was a Research Fellow in Bioethics at the University of Manchester, first at the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy and from 2008 the Institute for Science Ethics and Innovation. Sarah’s research focuses on the ethics of new biomedical technologies, including gene therapy and genetic modification; stem cell and embryo research; reproductive medicine; synthetic biology; and human and animal enhancement.  Her current work draws on these interests to explore the ethics of emerging modes of biomedicine at the interface of health care research, medical treatment and consumer medicine, including population-level health and genetic data research; the use of human biomaterials in both research and treatment; and access to experimental treatments and medical innovation.