Simon Douglas is a law fellow at Jesus College, having formerly been a career development fellow at Wadham College. He took his undergraduate degree in Liverpool University, followed by the BCL and DPhil in Oxford.


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  • S J Douglas, 'Misuse of Rectification in the Law of Trusts' (2018) Law Quarterly Review (forthcoming)
  • Paul S Davies, S J Douglas and James Goudkamp (eds), Defences in Equity (Hart 2017) (forthcoming)
  • S J Douglas and Ben McFarlane, 'Sham Trusts' in H Conway & R Hickey (ed), Modern Studies in Property Law (Hart 2017) (forthcoming)
  • S J Douglas, 'Trusts, Objectivity and Rectification' in Paul S Davies and James Penner (eds), Equity, Trusts and Commerce (Hart 2017) (forthcoming)
  • S J Douglas, 'Estranged Children and their Inheritance' (2016) 132 LQR 20 [Case Note]
  • S J Douglas and Imogen Goold, 'Property in Human Biomaterials: A New Methodology' (2016) 75 CLJ 478
  • S J Douglas, 'How to Reform Section 62 of the Law of Property Act 1925' [2015] 79 Conv 13
  • S J Douglas, 'Kuwait Airways Corporation v Iraqi Airways Company (2002)' in SJ Douglas, R Hickey and E Waring (eds), Landmark Cases in Property Law (Hart 2015)
  • S J Douglas, Robin Hickey and Emma Waring (eds), Landmark Cases in Property Law (Hart 2015)
  • S J Douglas, 'Reforming Implied Easements' (2015) 131 LQR 251
  • S J Douglas, 'Is Possession Factual or Legal?' in E Descheemaeker (ed), The Consequences of Possession (Edinburgh University Press 2014)
  • S J Douglas, 'The Argument for Property Rights in Body Parts: Scarcity of Resources' (2014) 40 Journal of Medical Ethics 23
  • S J Douglas and B McFarlane, 'Defining Property Rights' in J Penner & H Smith (ed), Philosophical Foundations of Property Law (OUP 2013)
  • S J Douglas, 'The Content of a Freehold: A 'Right to Use' Land?' in N Hopkins (ed), Modern Studies in Property Law (Hart 2013)
  • S J Douglas, 'The Future of Actionable Interferences in the Chattel Torts' in J Edelman, S Degling and J Goudkamp (eds), Torts and Commercial Law (Thomson 2012)
    ISBN: 9780455229232
  • S J Douglas, 'The Scope of Conversion: Property and Contract' (2011) [2011] MLR 327
    ISBN: 0026-7961
  • S J Douglas, Liability for Wrongful Interferences with Chattels (Hart Publishing 2011)
    ISBN: 9781849461511
  • S J Douglas, 'Review of Green & Randall, The Tort of Conversion' (2011) 127 LQR 631 [Review]
  • S J Douglas, 'The Nature of Conversion' (2009) [2009] CLJ 198
    ISBN: 0008-1973
  • S J Douglas, 'The Abolition of Detinue' [2008] [2008] Conv 99
    ISBN: 0010-8200
  • S J Douglas, 'Converting Contractual Rights: OBG v Allan' [2008] [2008] LMCLQ 322 [Case Note]
  • S J Douglas, 'Review of Beever, Rediscovering the Law of Negligence and Stevens, Torts and Rights' (2008) LQR 715 [Review]

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Law of Property; Law of Tort

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Land Law, Trusts, Personal Property, Roman Law (Delict - FHS), Advanced Property and Trusts

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