In 2014/2015, the Oxford PIL Group, together with the Legal Directorate of the UK Foreign and Commowealth Office held a series seminars, in Oxford and in London, on the current work of the UN International Law Commission. In these sessions, attended by a select number of academics and practitioners, FCO legal advisers and members of the International Law Commission, topics under consideration by the International Law Commission were discussed in depth, and suggestions were made for the development of international law in the relevant areas. In the sessions that took place this academic year, the work of the ILC on the identification of custom, on peremptory norms in international law, on the law of treaties and on the immunity of state officials from foreign criminal jurisdiction were considered. Further sessions are planned for next year. Dapo Akande and Eirik Bjorge have, at the Oxford end, been responsible for the organization of the seminars.