The Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme is offering academics from different subject areas and at any career stage the opportunity to come and work in Parliament. This latest call is an Open Call – meaning academics can propose a project of their choosing.

The scheme is funded by the university's ESRC IAA and so if you intend to apply for this you will also need to apply for ESRC IAA funding for an outgoing KE fellowship (with a deadline of 31st July 2017 for applications for this scheme) to support the fellowship.  Please see our information page about the IAA for more details.

Closing date (internal): 31st July 2017 - 5pm

Faculty deadline for first draft review: 21st July 2017

Faculty deadline expression of interest: 17th July 2017

More information about this Scheme, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Detailed Guidance Notes are available on the POST website.