Dates based on last funder deadline, July 2016

Funder deadline: 8 July 2016 for preliminary applications (20 September 2016 for full applications)
Research Services deadline: 1 July 2016 (-5)
Law Faculty deadline for first draft for review: 17 June 2016 (-15)
Law Faculty deadline for initial expression of interest: 10 June 2016 (-20)

These typically last up to 5 years, and will normally be in the range £100,000 to £200,000 per year. You can discuss the scope and scale of your proposal with the Wellcome Trust before submitting your application.

The award covers the direct costs of carrying out the research, i.e.

  • research expenses, including research assistance travel and subsistence, and funding for collaborative activity
  • capacity-biolding initiatives, public engagement initiatives and research leave
  • research, symposia and dissemination activities.


You should have an established academic post, either permanent, open ended or long term rolling contract. A written guarantee of this post will be required. You may only hold one investigator award at any one time.


It is expected that the successful candidate will have;

  • a strong, internationally competitive track record in research
  • published significant contributions to research
  • shown evidence of achievement as an independent researcher
  • been lead investigator on at least one significant research grant ferom a major funding body or been the recipient of an independent research fellowship before taking up your current post
  • begun a training record to coach or mentor less experienced researchers

Read the full scheme guidance on the Wellcome Trust pages.