The art of the copy: Labour, originality, and value in the contemporary art market Professor Kirsty Robertson (Western University, Canada)

Reverse engineering commercial secrets Professor Tanya Aplin (King's College London)

Daniel Webster’s Patent cases  Professor Mark Janis (Maurer School of Law, Indiana University Bloomington)

The face and the ohotograph: Copyright as a Nineteenth Century publicity right  Dr Elena Cooper (Cambridge University)

Creativity as a social relation?  Professor James Leach (University of Aberdeen)

The European Patent Office: An unexpected success  Alec Clelland (European Patent Office)

Conflict resolution, public goods and patent thickets Dr Georg von Graevenitz (University of East Anglia)

On the Role of Quality in Patent Systems  Professor Bruno Van Pottelsberghe (Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management )

Knowledge Gaps, Knowledge Traps? The Politics of Patents and Innovation in Latin America  Dr Ken Shadlen (London School of Economics)

Hargreaves one year on - An sssessment, Sam Ricketson's slides, Professor Christine Greenhalgh (OIPRC, University of Oxford), Professor Sam Ricketson (IPRIA, University of Melbourne) 

Patentability, the public interest, and moral pluralism: further reflections on the Brüstle decision  Professor Roger Brownsword (Kings College London)

Patents and clean energy: bridging the gap between evidence and policy Dr Nikolaus Thumm (Chief Economist, European Patent Office)

The Patent system and climate change Professor Josh Sarnoff ( College of Law, DePaul University)

Intellectual Property Law and the problem of aesthetic progress  Professor Barton Beebe (School of Law, New York University)

Experiments on creativity and innovation for Intellectual Property Law  Professor Christopher Buccafusco (Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology)

You've gotta be Joking: parody and copyright  Professor Lionel Bently (Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge)

Is the dragon learning to fly? An analysis of the Chinese patent explosion Dr Markus Eberhardt (School of Economics, University of Nottingham)