Each year the OIPRC hosts a number of leading academics from around the world as part of its Invited Speaker Series. These events typically run from 5:15-6:45pm on Thursday evenings at St. Peter’s College; if the venue or time is different, it will be noted on the Events calendar.  The Speaker Series consists of a presentation of about 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session with the assembled group of academic staff, students (both undergraduate and graduate), researchers, and interested members of the public.  Discussion is informal and includes participants from several disciplines, with a wide range of prior knowledge.

Convenors: Graeme Dinwoodie, Dev Gangjee and Robert Pitkethly

Refreshments and snacks are served at the conclusion of the discussion.  All are welcome.

This year’s schedule evolves throughout the year. Below is the Hilary 2017 and Michaelmas 2016 listing and also visit the Invited Speaker Series Archive listing.

Trinity Term 2017

Week 1
27 April


Arpan Banerjee
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow, Bucerius Law School and Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Law School


The Judicial Expansion of Trade Mark Tarnishment in India

Week 2
4 May

Dr Barbara Lauriat
King's College London 

The True Story of Walter v Lane
Week 4
18 May

Professor Graeme Austin
Professor of Law, Melbourne University & Chair in Private Law, Victoria University of Wellington  

Trademarks and Private Governance
Hilary Term 2017
Week 2

26 January
Dr Luke McDonagh
Law School, City of London

What next for IP litigation in the UK and EU post-Brexit? Exploring empirical insights into the IPEC, High Court and Unified Patent Court 

Week 5
16 February
Professor Dr Michael Grünberger
University of Bayreuth

"One contract to rule them all"? – The hidden battle between contract and copyright law in the Digital Single Market Strategy
Please note that this event will be held in The Latner Room, St Peter's College. Report to the Porter desk for directions.

Week 6
Tuesday 21 February

Professor Duncan Matthews
Queen Mary University of London

Brexit and the Unified Patent Court
Please note that this event will be held on Tuesday at 5.15pm in the Law Board Room, Law Faculty, St Cross Road

Week 7
2 March


Week 8
9 March
Dr Emily Hudson
King's College London & University of Queensland
The pastiche exception in Copyright Law: A case of mashed-up drafting?
Michaelmas Term 2016
Week 3

27 Oct
Dr Nicola Searle
Goldsmiths University of London
Cultural economics and IP
Week 4
3 Nov
Professor Dr. Alexander Peukert
Goethe University Frankfurt
The propertisation of Trade Mark Law – a Polanyian perspective
Week 6
17 Nov
Professor Timo Minssen
University of Copenhagen
Innovation gaps on life science frontiers? From Ebola, Zika and the bad bugs to new uses, big data and the black box 
Week 7
24 Nov
Professor Lionel Bently (University of Cambridge);
William Bowes (Chair of the International Board of the Publishers’ Association);
Dr Emily Hudson (Kings College London);
Professor Uma Suthersanen (Queen Mary University of London)

Copyright and Course Packs: A collision of competing values?