Current DPhil in Medical Law: Q and A with Sarah Kilcoyne

Sarah KilcoyneCurrent DPhil in Medical Law: Sarah Kilcoyne

Why did you choose to do your DPhil at Oxford?

I originally moved to Oxford to work as a specialist Speech and Language Therapist at the John Radcliffe Hospital, working with patients with cleft palate, craniofacial conditions and facial palsy. I had previously completed a law degree, and a Masters of Laws (Health) in Australia. Whilst working as a Speech and Language Therapist, I began to notice that I had questions about the legal rights of young people with communication difficulties in the health care context. I applied to the University of Oxford because it was my local university, and I had met some DPhil students from Oxford and I was very impressed with their dynamic approach to research.

What is the title of your research and what is your research topic about? 

‘Decisions relating to plastic surgery to the head & face for children’

This research will examine children's participation in decision making about plans for their surgical treatment. Children in England regularly have head and neck surgery to repair damage due to accidents or burns, or to correct abnormalities they are born with (including cleft lip and palate or fused skull bones). However, as children grow, revision surgery may be offered, or requested, for aesthetic reasons.

It is common for these children to experience communication difficulties secondary to their underlying condition. For example, elevated rates of communication impairment have been identified in children with cleft palate and craniosynostosis, creating a potential obstacle for participation in decisions relating to their healthcare. For the majority of children having aesthetic surgery, their communication and cognitive development are age-appropriate, therefore they should be assessed to determine if they are competent to be involved in decision making. In terms of law and medical ethics, children’s communication difficulties should not normally be relevant to their assessment, nor inhibit their involvement in decision making.  However, this thesis will consider whether children with communication difficulties to experience obstacles to making decisions about plastic surgery, why that is, and how it can be overcome. 

This research will use interviews and observations to examine the experiences of children with, and without communication impairment, when making decisions relating to aesthetic surgery to the head and face. Experiences of parents and healthcare professionals will also be considered.

Who are your supervisors?

My supervisors are Professor Jonathan Herring, Dr Harriet Teare and Dr Teresa Finlay.

How did you think of your research topic?

My research topic came about from my experiences as a Speech and Language Therapist working with patients with cleft palate, craniofacial and facial palsy.

Does your work as a clinician help your research?

I work part-time as a frontline clinician in the NHS whilst doing the DPhil, and continue to conduct research to better understand the implications of specific diagnoses for patients’ speech, language, hearing, feeding and communication.

Where can people find more information about your work?

My most recent research can be found here:

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