Please note that during the building works, meetings may not take place in their usual rooms.

Room booking enquiries may be addressed to Itziar Banerjee Martin, telephone number (2)71491.

Apologies for absence should be sent to the relevant administrator, listed below. 

Michaelmas Term 2016


0Examinations Committee9.00amWednesday 5 OctoberThe Cube, St Cross BuildingJulie Bass
0Undergraduate Studies Committee11.00amWednesday 5 October Paul Burns
0MLF Course Committee10.30amThursday 6 OctoberSeminar Room D, St Cross BuildingCatherine Chandler
0Planning and Resources Committee2.00pmThursday 6 OctoberDean's Office, St Cross BuildingCharlotte Vinnicombe
1CSLS Management Committee1.00pmTuesday 11 OctoberCSLSLindsay Campbell
1Graduate Studies Committee2.00pmThursday 13 OctoberSir Howard Stringer Room, Merton CollegePaul Burns
2Law Board2.00pmThursday 20 OctoberJesus College (NB amended October 2016)Charlotte Vinnicombe
3MLF Examination Board11.30amTuesday 25 OctoberRoom 101, Law FacultyCatherine Chandler
3Law Joint Consultative Committee2.00pmThursday 27 OctoberAllen & Overy Room, Pembroke CollegePaul Burns
3Personnel Committee2.00pmThursday 27 OctoberDean's OfficeCharlotte Vinnicombe
4IECL Management Committee11.00amTuesday 1 NovemberThe Old RectoryJenny Dix
4Equality and Diversity CommitteeTBCTuesday 1 NovemberExeter College, Staircase 3 Room 1Charlotte Vinnicombe
4Intellectual Property Diploma Management Committee4.00pmTuesday 1 NovemberSeminar Room F, Law FacultyEllen Moilanen
4Research Committee12 noonWednesday 2 NovemberTBCKaren Eveleigh
4Undergraduate Studies Committee2.00pmThursday 3 NovemberSCR Parlour, Pembroke CollegePaul Burns
4Law Library CLIP2.00pmFriday 4 NovemberSeminar Room, Level 1, Law LibraryRuth Bird
5Planning and Resources Committee2.00pmThursday 10 NovemberDean's OfficeCharlotte Vinnicombe
6OIPRC Management Committee9.00amWednesday 16 NovemberDean's OfficeEllen Moilanen
6Graduate Studies Committee2.00pmThursday 17 NovemberSir Howard Stringer Room, Merton CollegePaul Burns
7Law Board2.00pmThursday 24 NovemberJesus College (NB amended October 2016)Charlotte Vinnicombe
8Criminology Management Committee12.30pmTuesday 29 NovemberCentre for CriminologyTracy Kaye
8Equality & Diversity Committee1.00pmTuesday 29 NovemberExeter CollegeCharlotte Vinnicombe
8Personnel Committee2.00pmThursday 1 DecemberDean's OfficeCharlotte Vinnicombe

Hilary Term 2017

0Faculty Meeting11.30amMonday 9 January Michelle Robb
0Undergraduate Studies Committee11.00am Thursday 12 January Paul Burns
0MLF Examination Board9.30amTuesday 10 January Catherine Chandler
0MLF Course Committee10.30amThursday 12 January Catherine Chandler
0Planning and Resources Committee2.00pmThursday 12 January Charlotte Vinnicombe
1CSLS Management Committee1.00pmTuesday 17 January Lindsay Campbell
1Graduate Studies Committee2.00pmThursday 19 January Paul Burns
2Law Board2.00pmThursday 26 January Charlotte Vinnicombe
2Eldon Law Scholarship Committee10.00amSaturday 28 January Helen Steffens
3Law Joint Consultative Committee2.00pmThursday 2 February  
3Personnel Committee2.00pmThursday 2 February Charlotte Vinnicombe
4IECL Management Committee11.00amTuesday 7 February  
4Equality and Diversity Committee2.00pmTuesday 7 February Charlotte Vinnicombe
4Undergraduate Studies Committee2.00pm Thursday 9 February Paul Burns
4Law Library CLIP2.15pmFriday 10 February Ruth Bird
5Planning and Resources Committee2.00pmThursday 16 February Charlotte Vinnicombe
6Graduate Studies Committee2.00pmThursday 23 February Paul Burns
7Law Board2.00pmThursday 2 March Charlotte Vinnicombe
8Criminology Management Committee12.30pmTuesday 7 March TBA
8Equality and Diversity CommitteeTBC   
8Personnel Committee2.00pmThursday 9 March Charlotte Vinnicombe
 Diploma Management Committee (IP)TBA   
 OIPRC Management CommitteeTBA   

Trinity Term 2017

0Faculty Meeting11.30amTuesday 18 AprilThe Cube 
0Undergraduate Studies Committee11.00amWednesday 19 AprilSeminar Rm DPaul Burns
0MLF Course Committee10.30amThursday 20 AprilSeminar Rm DCatherine Chandler
0Planning and Resources Committee2.00pmThursday 20 AprilDean's OfficeCharlotte Vinnicombe
0MLF Examination Board9.30amFriday 21 AprilRm 101Catherine Chandler
1CSLS Management Committee1.00pmTuesday 25 AprilSeminar Rm FLindsay Campbell
1Graduate Studies Committee2.00pmThursday 27 AprilSeminar Rm DPaul Burns
2Law Board2.00pmThursday 4 MayThe CubeCharlotte Vinnicombe
3Law Joint Consultative Committee2.00pmThursday 11 MaySeminar Rm DPaul Burns
3Personnel Committee    
4IECL Management Committee11.00pmTuesday 16 MayThe Old RectoryJenny Dix
4Equality and Diversity Committee2.00pmTuesday 16 MaySeminar Rm FCharlotte Vinnicombe
4Diploma Management Committee (IP)4.15pmTuesday 17 MaySeminar Rm FEllen Moilanen
4Undergraduate Studies Committee2.00pmThursday 18 MaySeminar Rm DPaul Burns
4Law Library CLIP2.15pmFriday 19 May  
5Planning and Resources Committee2.00pmThursday 25 MayDean's OfficeCharlotte Vinnicombe
6Graduate Studies Committee2.00pmThursday 1 JuneSeminar Rm DPaul Burns
7Law Board2.00pmThursday 8 JuneThe CubeCharlotte Vinnicombe
8Equality and Diversity Committee    
8Personnel Committee    
8Criminology Management Committee12.30pmTuesday 13 JuneCentre for CriminologyTracy Kaye
Long VacLaw Board2.00pm  Charlotte Vinnicombe
Long VacMLF Examination Board11.00am  Catherine Chandler
Long VacOIPRC Management Committee