Augmented Lawyering (Americas)

Event date
21 November 2023
Event time
16:00 - 17:00
Oxford week
MT 7
Online - Zoom

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Please note this time is in GMT.

An exclusive webinar for Alumni with the Dean, Professor John Armour

How will artificial intelligence (“AI”) and associated digital technologies reshape the work of lawyers and structure of law firms? Legal services are traditionally provided by highly-skilled humans—that is, lawyers. Dramatic recent progress in AI has triggered speculation about the extent to which automated systems may come to replace humans in legal services. A related debate is whether traditional business models and forms of organisation in the profession will be disrupted. This lecture will presents findings from a comprehensive empirical study of the implementation of AI in legal services, encompassing interview-based case studies and survey data. The discussion will focus on two inter-related issues: how the nature of legal services work will change, and how the firms that co-ordinate this work will be organized.

Join us on Tuesday 21st November for an exclusive webinar for alumni, friends and supporters of Oxford Law based across America.

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