IT Equipment Fund

The deadline for applications to the IT Equipment Fund is Friday of Week 2 each term.


Members of the Faculty holding established posts in Law (including titular and supernumerary Associate Professors) and having a contract with the Faculty, may apply to the IT Equipment Fund every four years for:

1. a laptop costing up to £1,200;

2. desktop costing up to £1,000;

or instead of a laptop and a desktop: a budget of up to £1,700 for a higher-specification laptop or desktop.  Any such bid should include related accessories, e.g. a monitor and keyboard to go with a laptop.  If approved, applicants may be asked to return any other useable equipment to the Faculty;

3. a printer costing up to £200; and

4. IT-related accessories costing up to £150. 

To identify the item(s) you wish to purchase, please first consult the ITSG website for a list of their recommended, standard models, and if necessary contact ITSG Support  (2)81269 - for advice about your specific requirements.  Prices include VAT which is payable by the University so must be included when referencing planned expenditure and available budget.

Applicants are then asked to complete the Faculty IT Equipment Fund application form and return to Jackie Hall ( by the end of Week 2 of term.


  1. The standard package which will be funded from the IT Equipment Fund is a desktop PC and a laptop and a printer.
  2. The normal specification that will be funded from the IT Equipment Fund is: i5 Intel Processor, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD (larger hard disks can be considered if storage is HDD or hybrid), 24” monitors for desktops, standard/integrated input & output graphics, and a 3-year warranty is also expected.
  3. Applicants are asked to select equipment from the ITSG IT list, as this will ensure the best warranty and support arrangements and will fulfil the University's 'Value for Money' criteria.  It is possible to select an alternative supplier, in which case the reason for doing so should be made clear in the application, and if over £1,000 and/or not from a University preferred supplier, a minimum of two alternative quotes must be obtained. 
  4. Applicants will be expected to follow the advice of the IT Support Team on suitability for purpose of the equipment requested.  This may include advice on upgrading existing equipment, as opposed to replacing it.
  5. The figures above given for costs are guidelines only and do not represent an entitlement, nor an absolute maximum. In all cases, the Head of Administration and Finance has discretion as to how strictly these guidelines are applied (for example, purchases made for health-related reasons may exceed these guidelines).
  6. The availability of funds from other sources will be taken into account when assessing bids, and requests for equipment from the IT Fund that exceed the amount stated above will need to make clear how the rest of the cost will be met (normally either from a college fund, a research grant, or a research allowance).
  7. IT-related accessories include memory sticks, software e.g. voice-recognition or chart-drawing software.
  8. In all cases, the faculty must be clear that the purchases are to be used for academic purposes.
  9. The equipment will generally be purchased by the Faculty on behalf of the applicant, and the relevant software will be loaded onto the PC or laptop before it is handed over to you.  Those with an office in a college will need to arrange for the equipment to be installed by qualified college staff.  Subsequently, PCs must then be supported by college staff (which might include arranging access for external engineers).  For laptops, this will depend upon college policy, though in most cases it will be simpler and more effective for support to be provided by the college staff. 
  10. Faculty members are reminded that approval for purchases must always be made in advance.  The Faculty will not provide retrospective reimbursement for costs from the IT Equipment Fund which have not received prior approval.
  11. Bids are considered in a gathered field each term.  Requests for equipment outside the normal timetable can only be considered in absolutely exceptional circumstances or when funds other than the IT Equipment Fund are being used.
  12. Other types of IT equipment (e.g. tablets) purchased with start-up or other grants cannot automatically be replaced through this scheme.
  13. Requests may be made for the Faculty to purchase equipment that can be loaned to members of staff on a short-term basis (e.g. tablets).

Terms and conditions

All equipment purchased with the use of any Faculty funds, including external research grants, will be the property of the University and must be returned to the University if the person to whom it is allocated leaves its employment.

IT Purchases from allowances

Anyone holding a start-up grant, a research allowance, or an external research grant, need not apply for their equipment through the above process, but the same guidance applies regarding value for money, suitability and ownership.

IT and AV Provision

For further details about Faculty provision please refer to IT and AV provision for Staff in the Faculty