iManage team present research on regulating algorithmic management at conferences organized by the ILO, LLRN, AccessNow and Mozilla

The Faculty is delighted to announce that team iManage based in the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, led by Prof. Jeremias Adams Prassl and comprising Halefom Abraha, Six Silberman, Sangh Rakshita and Aislinn Kelly-Lyth presented their paper 'Regulating Algorithmic Management: A Blueprint' at the International Labour Organization’s eighth Regulating for Decent Work (RDW) conference in Geneva; the sixth Labour Law Research Network (LLRN) conference in Warsaw; the 12th edition of Access Now RightsCon; and Mozfest 2023.

The iManage team (Halefom Abraha, Six Silberman, Sangh Rakshita and Aislinn Kelly-Lyth) at the ILO standing next to a row of flags
iManage team at the ILO

Based on academic analysis of journalistic reports, enforcement actions, policy proposals and emerging legislation, the blueprint identifies the key gaps in regulating algorithmic management in the workplace and sets out a series of policy options designed to address the novel harms. The blueprint is a part of a special issue of the European Labour Law Journal curated and edited by the iManage team, and explores the regulation of algorithmic management in the European Union and beyond. The special issue is a part of iManage, a five-year interdisciplinary research project funded by the European Research Council to explore the promise—and perils—of algorithmic management systems.

At the LLRN conference, the team hosted a panel where they launched the special issue and presented the blueprint along with the larger work of iManage on utilising discrimination law ('Directly Discriminatory Algorithms' and 'Algorithmic Discrimination at Work') and data protection law ('Regulating Algorithmic Discrimination through Data Protection Law' and 'A pragmatic compromise? The role of Article 88 GDPR in upholding privacy in the workplace') to regulate the challenges of algorithmic management. At the ILO RDW conference, the team presented two papers: the blueprint and 'Content Marketplaces as Digital Labour Platforms: Towards Accountable Algorithmic Management and Decent Work for Content Creators'.