Advocacy is the art of persuasion on behalf of a person or cause. In this presentation, the way in which lawyers advocate before the International Court of Justice, throughout each phase of a proceeding, is examined, from the different perspectives of civil (francophone) and common (anglophone) lawyers. The presentation will cover all aspects of presenting and handling a case: issues of strategy and procedure, written and oral pleadings, and the compiling and presentation of evidence, including by fact witnesses and experts. It will also consider ways in which the Court is modernizing, and is likely to further change its approach, in our generation. The presentation will draw upon the speakers’ extensive experience as junior counsel before the ICJ, in more than 10 recent and pending cases.

Benjamin Samson, Ph.D. Candidate, University Paris-Nanterre and Visiting Scholar, George Washington University Law School

Benjamin specialises in public international law and inter-State arbitration. He acts for States on issues including maritime and land boundaries, law of the sea, environmental law, immunities, nuclear disarmament, treaty and customary obligations and State responsibility. Benjamin has acted as counsel in eight cases before the International Court of Justice, four of which are pending, as well as several cases before the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and UNCLOS Annex VII Tribunals, one of which is currently pending. Benjamin holds a masters degree in public international law from the University Paris-Nanterre and has published on French, European and public international law issues. He has taught at University Paris-Nanterre and Science Po (European Franco-German Campus).

Dr Kate Parlett, Barrister, 20 Essex Street, London

Kate specialises in public international law and international arbitration. She acts for States and private entities on issues including land and maritime boundaries, investment treaty and contract disputes, human rights, law of the sea, State responsibility, treaty obligations, immunities, environmental law, sanctions and international crimes. Kate has appeared as counsel and advocate in seven cases before the International Court of Justice, four of which are currently pending. Kate also represents States and investors in investment disputes, involving claims under treaties and contracts, across a range of sectors and geographic regions. Kate has a doctorate and a masters degree in public international law from the University of Cambridge and is widely published, particularly in the law of international dispute settlement. She has taught at the universities of Cambridge, Geneva, Paris-II (Panthéon-Assas), Queen Mary (University of London) and Queensland.


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