Roundtable Discussion on Competition Law in Developing Countries

Event date
3 May 2021
Event time
Oxford week
TT 2
Thomas Cheng, Leonila Papa, Hassan Qaqaya, Juliana Domingues, Joseph Wilson and Julian Nowag

This event is organized in collaboration with the Oxford Competition Law Discussion and the Inclusive Competition Forum. 

In celebration of the publication of Prof Cheng’s book on Competition Law in Developing Countries (OUP 2020), participants will discuss the design of competition policy in developing countries, its adequacy and possible paths for reform.


  • Julian Nowag, CCLP Oxford and Lund University


  • Thomas Cheng, Associate Professor at the University of Hong Kong. 
  • Juliana Oliveira Domingues, Professor Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo (currently National Secretary for Consumer Protection, Brazil) 
  • Leonila Papa, Policy expert OECD and Lecturer San Sebastian Graduate School of Law, Philippines (formerly Philippine Competition Commission)  
  • Hassan Qaqaya, Fellow Melbourne Law School (formerly head of UNCTAD Competition and Consumer Policies Branch) 
  • Joseph Wilson, Fellow Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies Loyola University Chicago and McGill University – Faculty of Law (formerly Chairman of the Competition Commission of Pakistan) 


Those interested in attending (who missed the registration window which closed on Friday) can email Prof. Ezrachi directly to recieve a video link for the event. 

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