Information is crucial to the formulation of strategy and where to place R&D investments. Everyone knows that the exchange of commercially sensitive information between horizontal competitors raises significant competition concerns and yet lines are blurring between market players. This may give rise to potential asymmetries in the access to such information which can itself give rise to competitive effects. We will explore the implications of this and potential remedies in our first morning session.

Unfair trading practices may disrupt suppliers' ability to invest in innovation, quality and choice but how may they be regulated most effectively, improving certainty for suppliers while leaving the benefits of the legitimate application of buyer power undiluted? This will be explored in the second morning session.

The afternoon session will focus on selective distribution, geo-blocking and online sales bans following the Coty judgement, culminating in a panel discussion which will explore the main tensions and uncertainties that exist in these areas.

The fourteenth symposium will be held under the Chatham House Rule.

There is no charge to attend.

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