Research staff in the Faculty of Law are entitled to become Additional Members of the Faculty of Law for the duration of their appointment.  This can be arranged at the time the University Card and Single Sign On are set up, or at any time after the start of the appointment – please contact the Personnel Officer, for further details.

Anyone holding a research position in Law in a college or another department (or who is employed to teach Law in a college more than 4 hours per week for more than 1 year)  is eligible to become an Associate Member of the Faculty.  Please write to the Head of Administration and Finance,, giving the details of your appointment (title, college, start and end dates).

All types of faculty member appear under the ‘Academic Staff’ listing on the Faculty website, and are added to the Faculty Members mailing list, in addition to the more general lists used for events, Dean’s weekly newsletter, etc. 

All members of the Faculty are entitled to attend the open part of the Law Board meetings, but are not eligible to vote on any item at those meetings.  Further information may be found on our Governance page, and queries can be addressed to Charlotte Vinnicombe.