Antonios Tzanakopoulos, together with Christian Tams of the University of Glasgow and Andreas Zimmermann of the University of Potsdam, has published a Research Handbook on the Law of Treaties. Offering a conceptual approach to the Law of Treaties the Research Handbook not only sets out the foundational issues, but identifies tensions within the field, including formalism vs flexibility, integrity vs flexibility, and uniformity vs specialisation, to name a few. It seeks to define and re-define the dimensions in which Treaty law operates, tracing its fault-lines and the challenges it faces, such as breaches, regime-collisions, state succession and armed conflict.

The handbook is edited by Christian J. Tams, Professor of Public International Law, University of Glasgow, UK, Antonios Tzanakopoulos, Associate Professor of Public International Law, University of Oxford, UK and Andreas Zimmermann, Professor of Public International Law, University of Potsdam, Germany Assistant Editor: Athene E. Richford, Research Assistant, University of Glasgow, UK.

On the occasion of this publication and Eirik Bjorge's The Evolutionary Interpretation of Treaties [] (OUP), PIL @ Oxford is organising a discussion on current issues in the law of treaties on Monday, 3 November 2014 from 5-7pm in The Cube, in St Cross Building. The meeting will be chaired by Catherine Redgwell, Chichele Professor of Public International Law, and short presentations by Eirik Bjorge, Christian J Tams, and Antonios Tzanakopoulos will be commented upon by Sir Frank Berman QC, Visiting Professor of Public International Law. A reception will follow. All welcome."