Shaping Policy for the Future: Human Rights for Future Generations (HRFG) Programme

The HRFG programme was recently awarded the third policy paper project commissioned by the Oxford Martin School, late last year (2014). The paper is entitled ‘Politics for the Future: Reorienting Political Institutions Towards the Long-Term’, will be co-authored by Professor Simon Caney (HRFG co-director - DPIR), Dr Dominic Roser (HRFG Fellow - Law) and Dr Jaakko Kuosmanen (HRFG Fellow & Coordinator - Law) and it is expected that the paper will be published early summer 2015.

The paper looks at how policy can influence how we design democratic institutions to foster long-term thinking and action. This now means that two out of three Martin School Policy Papers have included HRFG programme members. The first examined ‘Robo-Wars: The Regulation of Robotic Weapons’. The paper was co-authored by Dr Gilles Giacca (former coordinator of the HRFG programme) and Dr Alexander Leveringhaus (Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict – Directed by Dapo Akande, and Co-director of the HRFG). In addition to this, HRFG Directors and associate members (Professors Dapo Akande, Simon Caney, Sandy Fredman, and Adam Swift) contributed to the production of the Oxford Martin Commission Report ‘Now for the Long Term’, which calls for a radical shake-up in politics and business to embed long-term thinking, and provides practical recommendations for action in order to create a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable future.