Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (OUP) Special Supplement - Competition Law in China


The Journal of Antitrust Enforcement Special Supplement on Competition Law in China is now available online and in print.

Readers will find 13 articles in this special issue, covering a wide spectrum of topics. Following an introductory chapter, which reviews the recent developments in Chinese competition law, the reader will find papers on horizontal and non-horizontal mergers, merger remedies, market power, antitrust economics, collusion, resale price maintenance, intellectual property rights, and consumer protection.

List of Articles:

Ariel Ezrachi, William Kovacic and D. Daniel Sokol
William E. Kovacic
China’s competition law experience in context
Xiaoye Wang and Adrian Emch
Chinese antitrust—a snapshot
Haixiao Gu and Andrew L. Foster
Substantive analysis in China’s horizontal merger control: a six-year review and beyond
Ninette Dodoo and Michael Han
Non-horizontal mergers—the Chinese experience
Ariel Ezrachi and Wei Han
Merger remedies—the Chinese experience
Fei Deng and Su Sun
The role of economics in Chinese merger appraisal
Félix E. Mezzanotte and Liyang Hou
The role of presumptions of market dominance in civil litigation in China
Shan Jiang and D. Daniel Sokol
Resale price maintenance in China: an economic perspective
Elizabeth Xiao-Ru Wang and Harry Foster
An economic perspective of standards and FRAND enforcement in China
Natalie Yeung
IP and competition law—the Chinese perspective
Salil Mehra and Yanbei Meng
Essential facilities with Chinese characteristics: a different perspective on the conditional compulsory licensing of intellectual property
Lizhi Ning, Shubha Ghosh and Wei Zhou
Price discrimination in patent licensing and the application of FRAND
Ying Yu and Mingnan Shen
Consumer protection as the ‘Open Sesame’ that allows Alibaba to crush the forty thieves