The Oxford Human Rights Hub and Rhodes University are delighted to announce that BCL student James Rooney and MPhil student Ugochukwu Ezeh have been awarded a six month OxHRH-Rhodes University Fellowships.

Ugochukwu Ezeh and James Rooney, recipients of the OxHRH-Rhodes University Fellowships

This is a new partnership between the Faculty of Law at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, the OxHRH and the Legal Resource Centre, Grahamstown, South Africa (LRC). South Africa, and the Eastern Cape in particular, provide fertile ground for legal intervention to benefit of poor and vulnerable inhabitants. Rhodes University is a university situated in the Eastern Cape and it is committed to the people and development needs of this province. James and Ugochukwu will be based jointly at Rhodes University and LRC in Grahmastown and researching on how to realize the right to education for all learners.

We wish them all the best in this exciting new position!