The OxHRH and OxHRH Associate Dr Liora Lazarus (Univeristy of Oxford) have both been recognized by RightsInfo at top human rights tweeters. RightsInfo recently complied a list of their favourite human rights commentators on social media. Dr Liora Lazarus was signaled out as specialising in human rights and security and the OxHRH  was recognized as a great tweeter stream for blogs and academic commentary on human rights. In the last month alone, our twitter feed has highlighted important developments on the recent court challenges to prerogative powers in relation to Brexit, the burkini ban in France and the constitutionality of election commissioners in Namibia. We now have almost 9000 followers and in the last month alone our tweets have garnered over 60,000 impressions.

Thank-you to RightsInfo for recognizing OxHRH and Dr Liora Lazarus’ twitter feed and the importance of social media in legal scholarship and on the development human rights law. But most importantly thank-you to all our contributors and supports!