Professor Eidenmüller has been asked to join the Financial Markets Law Committee's new Working Group on 'Brexit and European Insolvency Regulation'.

The Financial Markets Law Committee works to educate and advance the understanding of financial markets law. The Committee aims to identify issues of legal uncertainty affecting wholesale financial markets, including inconsistencies between draft law or regulation and market practice, and to make proposals for resolving them. This Working Group will consider the legal uncertainties relating to the application of the European Insolvency Regulation to the United Kingdom after Brexit.

The FMLC's role in Britain's withdrawal from the EU is to make impartial recommendations for resolving any legal uncertainties to the Government as and when the framework for withdrawal is settled.

Professor Eidenmüller's role in the Working Group will be key as an expert in corporate insolvency law and as an advisor to the European Commission and the Federal Republic of Germany on issues of company and insolvency law reform.