The OxHRH has been awarded a prestigious Economic Social and Research Council Impact Acceleration Account Award (ESRC-IAA) to assist in developing an online course on the use of strategic litigation in achieving the right to education.

ESRC IAA awards are awarded to facilitate knowledge exchange with academic and non-academic partners and accelerate the impact of research. The funds are awarded on the strength of the proposals and are designed to support creative and dynamic research projects.

The aim of the online course is to examine the extent to which courts and international human rights bodies can be effectively utilized as part of a campaign to realise the right to education. It does so by drawing on the extensive experience of litigating the right to education in several jurisdictions, particularly, South Africa, the US, India and Europe, in order to draw out best practices and highlight the risks of such strategies.

The OxHRH online strategic course is primarily funded by Open Society Foundations. The ESRC IAA award will be used to bring key academics, lawyers and civil society organisations from all over the globe together to  host a workshop exploring the themes that will be explored in the course.

We are deeply grateful to all the support from OSF and the ESRC IAA to support this important project.