Michaelmas Term Research Awards

The Faculty receives research funding from many different sources. Below is a list of the external funding received since our last update.

Lucinda Ferguson

The Pivot of Positive Intervention: Local Authority Inclusion Services and School Exclusion

Economic & Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Account - Outgoing fellowship

7 months spending time with the Oxfordshire County Council Inclusion Services Unit

Awarded 18 April 2016


Imogen Goold

Regulating Human Enhancement Technologies

Oxfordshire Science Festival

To give a talk at the Science Festival, with surveys and discussion based on scenarios presented

Awarded 20 May 2016


Ian Loader

In Search of a Better Politics of Crime

Independent Social Research Foundation – mid career fellowship

One year full time fellowship

Awarded 25 May 2016


Imogen Goold

Human Enhancement Technologies: Bringing the Regulation Debate into the Public Eye

Arts & Humanities Research Council – follow on funding

Awarded 2 June 2016


Camilla Pickles

Obstetric Violence and the Law

British Academy - Post Doctoral Fellowship

3 year fellowship, mentored by Jonathan Herring

Awarded 9 June 2016


Dan Awrey & Jonathan Greenacre

Regulation of Digital Financial Services

United Nations Capital Development Fund

To develop a new conceptual framework

Awarded 14 June 2016


Stephen Weatherill & Esther van Schagen

How can impact assessments improve EU contract law?

John Fell Fund – small grant

For two expert round table workshops in 2017.

Awarded 14 June 2016


Sue Bright

Oxford tower blocks refurbishment case study

John Fell Fund – small grant

For research assistance and interviews about governance arrangements in Oxford tower blocks

Awarded 14 June 2016


Murray Hunt

The role of parliaments in the protection and realisation of the rule of law and human rights 2016-17

Arts & Humanities Research Council – Commissioned Research scheme

Research, workshops and conferences

Awarded 27 June 2016


Nicole Stremlau

World trends in freedom of expression and media development


Research for a UN report

Awarded 11 July 2016


Nicole Stremlau

ConflictNET - The politics and practice of social media in conflict

European Research Council

5 year award

Awarded 11 August 2016


Kate O’Regan

Bonavero Institute of Human Rights

Director’s Discretionary Fund

Open Society Foundations

Awarded 29 August


Sandy Fredman

The Right to Education (continuation grant)

Open Society Foundations

Awarded 24 October 2016


Sue Bright and David Weatherall

Addressing the challenges to making energy upgrades in social housing flats

Economic & Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Account - Practitioner Fellowship

For David to spend 6 months here, part time from Jan 2017, this is the 2nd such award for Sue and David

Awarded 25 Oct 2016


Sandy Fredman & Meghan Campbell

Realising the right to education through strategic public interest lawyering

Economic & Social Research Council Impact Acceleration Account - Kick start award

For a workshop and planning for online teaching material for legal practitioners

Awarded 27 Oct 2016


Imogen Goold with Lesley Hoggart (Open University)

Abortion morality and abortion stigma: developing social media resources

Economic & Social Research Fund Impact Acceleration Account - KE Dialogues Scheme

For a workshop at the Open University

Awarded 28 Oct 2016


Ben Bradford (with colleagues in Australia)

Policing in a multicultural society: is procedural justice the answer?

Australian Research Council

Collaboration with Australian colleagues – most funding in Aus, but some travel for Ben

Awarded 7 Nov 2016


Rudina Jasini

Transitional Justice in Cambodia: Victim Participation at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

Economic & Social Research Council & Global Challenges Research Fund - Fellowship

One year post doc fellowship

Awarded 15 November 2016


Andrew Higgins (with Inbar Levy in Melbourne)

Judicial Policy, Public Perception and the Science of Bias

Oxford-Melbourne law School Research Partnership

Small award for travel and empirical research

Awarded 24 November 2016