The last week of February saw the publication of ‘The Myanmar Law of Contract’ by Adrian Briggs and Andrew Burrows. This is the first book to look in detail at the Myanmar law of contract. This is very surprising. After all, the law of contract deals with the law on agreements which are so central to all our lives and lie at the heart of commerce. Indeed the authors are not aware of any other jurisdiction in the developed world which does not already have one or more books on the law of contract and most have had such books for decades. In England and Wales, for example, the first edition of Chitty on Contracts was published in 1826 and the first edition of Anson on Contract in 1884. The book primarily looks at the Myanmar Contract Act 1872 and the relevant Burmese/Myanmar case law. The book has been published with the professional help of OUP on behalf of the Oxford University Law Faculty. It will shortly be available online for free on the Oxford Law Faculty website under the Oxford –Burma/Myanmar Law Programme section. But a limited number of hard copies of the book have been made available by OUP and it is these copies that were published in early March. They will be distributed to those in the Law Faculties in Yangon, East Yangon and Dagon, who helped with this project and hosted teaching visits by the authors, as well as to practitioners in the country who also provided assistance. Of these, most thanks should be extended to Simon Makinson of Allen & Overy for his generous sponsorship of the work of this programme.