Oxford human rights hub women at work blog series

Despite numerous legal and policy interventions women continue to face significant disadvantage in both formal and informal work. The law, as currently conceived, has been unable to fully achieve women’s equality in the labour force.

The Oxford Human Rights Hub in partnership with the International Labour Organization and the University of Kent is hosting a conference on May 18 and 19, A Better Future for Women at Work to investigate transformative legal and policy strategies to empower women at work. The goal is to move beyond traditional debates on women’s role in the labour force and to think carefully on how we recognize and value different types of work (paid, unpaid, informal and formal).

In the lead up to the conference, the OxHRH is delighted to bring together this special blog series of international experts exploring these issues:

A special thanks to Philippa Carr (DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford) and Rory Kelly (DPhil Candidate, University of Oxford) for their invaluable research assistance for this blog series.

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