Online Markets and Offline Welfare Effects - The Internet, Competition, Society and Democracy

On 22 May 2017, the University of Oxford Centre for Competition Law and Policy hosted an event on the digital economy. The event brought together more than 170 delegates from academia, practice, industry, enforcement agencies and courts, to discuss the changing dynamics of competition.

The stimulating discussion focused on the changing technological landscape and market dynamics and how these may affect competition and welfare.

Themes discussed included the scope of competition enforcement, the role of disruptive innovation, whether privacy forms one of the values protected by competition law, the impact increased online concentration may have on the market for ideas, democracy, choice and autonomy.

Leading enforcers who participated at the event, provided illuminating insights to enforcement trends. These included Lord David Currie (Chairman, UK Competition and Markets Authority), Isabelle de Silva (President, Autorité de la Concurrence), Terrell McSweeny (Commissioner, US Federal Trade Commission), Mario Monti (The Senate of the Italian Republic ), Andreas Mundt (President, German Bundeskartellamt),  Lord Larry Whitty (House of Lords) and Tommaso Valletti (DG Competition, European Commission).

Their comments made headlines during the day, as they were reported by several news outlets. Notable was a report by Reuters that disseminated news from Tommasso Valletti who noted that EU Commission will conclude the Google antitrust cases in next few months. Also noteworthy are reports by other outlets commenting on Andreas Mundt’s speech and the role privacy plays in competition law analysis.

Pictures from the event are available here:


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“Bravo for bringing together a fascinating group of folks at #Oxfordcclp today. Excellent brain food”

“Congrats to @UniofOxford for the wonderfully organised conference. Setting the bar very high #oxfordcclp

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 “what a panel!”

 “Monti nails it: what is role for antitrust in age of mistrust?”