Book: The Code Napoleon Rewritten

A further volume in the Studies of the Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law has been published: The Code Napoléon Rewritten: French Contract Law after the 2016 Reforms, edited by John Cartwright and Simon Whittaker.

The provisions of the French Civil Code governing the law of obligations remained largely unchanged since 1804 and have served as the model for civil codes across the world. In 2016, the French Government effected major reforms of the provisions on the law of contract, the general regime of obligations and proof of obligations. This book explores in detail the most interesting new provisions on French contract law in a series of essays by French lawyers and comparative lawyers working on French law and other civil law systems. 

The book is one of the publications which will result from the research project on Reform of the French Law of Obligations, developed within the IECL by John Cartwright and Simon Whittaker.