Carolyn Hoyle has received funding from the University of Oxford John Fell Fund for a small ‘pump-priming’ study on The Plight of Foreign Nationals on Death Row in Malaysia. The research is aimed at establishing appropriate research tools for collecting comprehensive and accurate data on the number of foreign nationals imprisoned under sentence of death, on the characteristics that might expose them to discrimination and disadvantage, and on what support and services are offered to them by consular authorities in Malaysia. Working with the London-based human rights organisation, The Death Penalty Project, and Rashid Ismail, a death penalty lawyer in Malaysia, the team will launch a “Practical Guide to the special rights of foreign nationals arrested or detained” at an event in Kuala Lumpur to be attended by government officials, consulate staff, human rights NGOs, and death penalty lawyers. The pilot project will measure the impact of this Guide on the practices of relevant authorities and the experiences of foreign nationals subject to capital punishment in Malaysia.