EUIPO's Observatory publishes research conducted by the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre

The European Union Intellectual Property Office’s Observatory has just published a research report produced by the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre (OIPRC). The report assesses the extent to which the voluntary registration of title in copyright protected works is practically useful. Copyright is unusual in that formal registration is not a precondition for recognising property rights in (say) a book or song. However voluntary registration has proved useful in both the US and China. Two teams of Oxford researchers conducted field-based interviews with registry officials and expert practitioners in both these countries, in order to assess the effectiveness of the copyright registration systems on the ground. The result was an empirically informed, comparative research report which will inform the EU’s own decision on whether to adopt a digital deposit or registration system for valuable intangible creations across the EU.

The OIPRC research team consisted of Dr Dev Gangjee, Professor Graeme Dinwoodie, Ms Alexandra Mogyoros and Mr Baao Zhao.  

Details are available here, including a link to the full report.