Sweet & Maxwell have published the fifth edition of Goode on Principles of Corporate Insolvency Law, edited by Kristin van Zwieten

The book is the classic text on corporate insolvency law, providing a clear and comprehensive treatment of the fundamental principles underpinning insolvency law, and long relied upon by practitioners and the courts. Particular attention is paid to what assets are available for distribution on insolvency, transactions vulnerable to being set aside, and the liability of directors. The core features of liquidation, administration (and administrative receivership), schemes of arrangement and company voluntary arrangements, are identified and explained with reference to practice and underlying policy. 

The new edition offers analysis of a wealth of new case law, including the decisions of the Supreme Court in the Lehman ‘Waterfall I’ proceedings, Akers v Samba Financial Group, Bilta (UK) Ltd v Nazir, Re Nortel GmbH, Rubin v Eurofinance SA, BNY Corporate Trustee Services Ltd v Eurosail, and Belmont Park Investments, and that of the Privy Council in Singularis; expanded treatment of the anti-deprivation and pari passurules, in light of recent case law; analysis of the recast European Insolvency Regulation and related recent CJEU case law; and coverage of the Insolvency Rules 2016.