A project led by Sandra Fredman, Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub, has been awarded over £49,000 by Oxford's GCR (Global Challenges Research) Fund.

In partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO), a multi-disciplinary group led by the Oxford Human Rights Hub comprising lawyers, obstetricians and communication specialists, has established a collaborative partnership to put in place a platform to develop a human rights approach to sexual and reproductive health rights. The project plans to develop and utilise online training tools to empower local organizations, litigators and women to achieve these rights. 

The online training tools will inform users on how to use human rights to implement evidence-based interventions to tackle the enormous deficits in sexual and reproductive health. The project will work with WHO’s network in developing countries and with other project partners to use the training tools to empower grass-roots organizations to advocate for sexual and reproductive health rights. The training tools  will support WHO policy-officers, public-interest litigators and NGOs to hold  governments to account for fulfilling these fundamental rights, drawing on the Human Rights Hub’s past successes in utilizing national and international human rights mechanisms.