European Policy for Intellectual Property Association Conference, Zurich

From 11-13 September 2019, the 14th Annual Conference of EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property Association) took place at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. This year’s conference on the topic “The future of IP” was co-organized by Professor Stefan Bechtold (ETH Zurich) and Professor Gaétan de Rassenfosse (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) and brought together academics and practitioners in the fields of law, economics, technology and social sciences. Keynote speakers and panellists were, amongst others, Professor Peter Menell (UC Berkeley) and Sir Richard Arnold (British High Court of Justice).

In order to highlight the growing significance of trade secrets in IP law, Katharina Behrend, DPhil Candidate at the Oxford Law Faculty, organized and chaired a panel on this field of IP. Furthermore, Katharina gave her own presentation about “The influences of trade secrets on patent law” which forms part of her DPhil thesis at Oxford.

Further information about the EPIP Conference can be found here.